W Tym Zamku Straszy!

Scenariusz, plakat, mapowana animacja, aranżacja przestrzeni oraz improwizowany występ aktorski i prezenterski dla wydarzenia ‚W Tym Zamku Straszy!’ zorganizowanego na terenie historycznych ruin zamku w Siewierzu we wrześniu 2016 roku.

Opis wydarzenia w języku angielskim, zaczerpnięty z mojego dawnego bloga/portfolio designdinova:

Let’s imagine you have medieval castle ruins, few free evenings, a lot of hand-made decorations, colourful lights and, most of all, a group of creative and skillful friends. This looks like a challenge to me – let’s make a party! One big piece of a party, with spooky enchanted feeling, to introduce citizens of the town to the historical treasure standing just next to their homes.

The Castle Is Haunted! (W Tym Zamku Straszy!) took place in Castle Siewierz – one of the most magical places of cultural heritage in Silesia. We took the place over for a weekend, and along with friends from Siewierz Knighthood and Post Kryptum we transformed the ruins into an actual haunted castle!

We’ve used as many things as we could come up with to give the visitors a feeling of chilly, ghastly welcome into transformed place that they knew mostly of the town parties and museal exhibiton.

During that night we took the roles of ghosts of historical figures, living in the castle a long time ago…

The Prince was treacherously killed during one of the most significant battles of the Polish Fragmentation period. His one fatal judgement on an innocent Prisoner has put the terrible curse on all of the castle’s inhabitants! Since that day, few ghosts reappear in the castle during one spooky September night each year. The misguided Prince ruling the castle, the Executioner who performed the injust sentence, the Witch whose black magic placed the curse on everyone, and the Castellan, tirelessly trying to reverse the dark spell and bring justice. Their tormented souls couldn’t have found peace, up until now…

This night was different than the other ones. The citizens of Siewierz for the first time in history could visit the haunted castle and help Castellan in investigation to bring peace to the tormented ghosts. The castle was different than the other days. There were burning torches and cold lights illuminating the old stone walls, slavic beasts’ spectres running around the yard, ghosts dancing with fire and trying to charm the visitors with their magic spells… Oh, what an enchanted night that was!

To make the place a magical scene for our show, we used the psychedelic decorations from Post Kryptum, illumination made of carefully placed colourful LEDs and UV lights, as well as my animation projection mapped on the castle’s walls. The scenario was prepared and performed by all of our few people crew in less than few days. It involved leading people through the whole decorated castle, acting out the ghosts and even fire-shows and telling scary stories about the local legends.

Although the weather brought us many technical problems with putting everything in place, in the end even the spooky fog and rain helped us in creating truly magical atmosphere. I’m sure that everybody being there that night will surely remember that The Castle Is Haunted!, for a long time.

© Miasto i Gmina Siewierz – http://www.siewierz.pl/

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